Nirvana Seeds Autoflower

Autoflowers are the result of extensive crossbreeding with cannabis ruderalis genes. They will effectively skip most of the vegetative stage and flower without the need for a strict lighting regime. Nirvana's autoflowering marijuana seeds are suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing and since they are all feminized, there will be no need to cut male plants.

You won't need any nutrients for vegetative growth. Our autoflowering cannabis plants are short and fast growing.

Autoflowers can be harvested multiple times a year, even during summer. Although they can be harvested much faster and more often, the yield is generally smaller.

Some advantages of autoflowering seeds are:

    Most Autoflowers are feminized.
    Plants can be kept short for stealth growing.
    Can be used in cold(er) climates.
    Multiple harvests
    Short life cycle. Harvest in 7-13 weeks.
    Flowering after 2 to 3 weeks from germination.
    Separate vegetative and flowering environment not needed.

All Nirvana™ Autoflowers are feminized.
A short history of autoflowering seeds

Nobody knows where the first autoflower came from but for sure it contains Mexican Cannabis ruderalis genetics, Mexican Rudy. Another theory is that autoflowering seeds where developed from Russian plants. This was in the nineties. Most breeders keep their genetics a secret but for sure a lot has improved since the first auto's.


Nirvana Seeds Autoflower Fem Bubblelicious (5 seeds)


Nirvana Seeds Autoflower Fem Blue Mystic (5 seeds)


Nirvana Seeds Autoflower Fem Northern Lights (5 seeds)


Nirvana Seeds Autoflower Short Rider Fem (5 seeds)

nirvana seeds jock horror autoflowering

Nirvana Seeds Autoflower Jock Horror Fem (5 seeds)


Nirvana Seeds Autoflower Blue Cheese Fem (5 seeds)


Nirvana Seeds Autoflower Lemon Og Haze Fem


Nirvana Seeds Autoflower OG Kush Fem (5 seeds)


Nirvana Seeds Autoflower Swiss Cheese Fem (5 seeds)