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Soma Seeds New York City Diesel Female (5 seeds)

Nyc Diesel
“2nd place: 2001, 2003, 2004 High Times Cannabis Cup, best sativa.”

    BREEDING - Mexican Sativa - Afghani
    Indica: 40% Sativa: 60%
    MINIMUM YIELD 25 grams
    FLOWERING 10-12 weeks


The N.Y.C Diesel has its roots in the Big Apple, a friend brought the seeds and said that it was the best pot he ever smoked, he had dreads down to the ground so I believed him. This Cannabis tastes and smells like Ripe Red Grap efruits, once you touch the fresh buds you can't smell the other strains in your room or garden.

New York City Diesel will leave you an exotic taste, an exotic smell and an exotic high.


Soma Seeds Amnesia Haze Female (5 seeds)

Amnesia Haze
“1st place, 2004 High Times Cannabis Cup”

    Indica: 20% Sativa: 80%
    MINIMUM YIELD 15-20 grams
    FLOWERING 12-13 weeks


Amnesia Haze is a very complicated genetic cross. You have the magnificent Southeast Asian genetics, (Thai sticks, Cambodian, Laotian) of which were my all time favorites. Then you have the fine Jamaican Haze varieties with their high THC percentage and sharp flavor. It also has an Afghani-Hawaiian genetic crossed in, speeding up the flowering time and further enhancing the taste. The result is a strain that has won first place in 3 different cannabis contests in the Netherlands in the past 2 years, including The High Times Cannabis Cup 2004. Barney’s Breakfast Bar won first place for the all-around Cannabis Cup with the Amnesia Haze that he got from me. It has continued to be one of his best sellers to this present date. For a grower the Amnesia Haze is a slight challenge, taking up to 13 weeks to finish flowering, but with the excellent yield and amazing high and taste, it is well worth it.


Soma Seeds Lavender Female (5 seeds)

“1st place, 2005 High Times Cannabis Cup, Best Indica.”

    BREEDING - Super skunk - Big Skunk Korean
    - Afghani-Hawaiian
    Indica: 80% Sativa: 20%
    MINIMUM YIELD 12-15 grams
    FLOWERING 9-10 weeks


Soma #10 brings together a world of weed. Strains with histories that traverse Afghanistan, Hawaii, Korea, the U.S, and Europe are all melded together in this 3-way cross. An exotic looking strain, Soma #10 develops the darkest purple coloration you can imagine. The color is intense, with the leaves turning nearly to black at the ends, they are so deeply saturated with color.

The extra dense buds give off a sensually spicy smell akin to Afghani hash. The high calyx to leaf ratio and the legginess of this plant make for simplified manicuring. While not as tall as the Haze strains, Soma #10 can shoot to tall heights when allowed an extended vegetation period before being placed into the flowering phase. If grown in a sea of green, Soma recommends a shortening the veg cycle in order to control the height.

This strain will also do well as a multi-branched plant. Outdoors, this variety can thrive in a most temperate zones, although arid climates known for their rich agricultural promise are of course optimal. Soma #10 has a flavor that is similar to Afghani hash, producing a captivating high that circulates through every chakra. A terrific evening or rainy day smoke, Soma #10 will leave you feeling relaxed and mellow, possibly to the point of sleep.


Soma Seeds Rockbud Female (5 seeds)

“Pet of the class”

    BREEDING - Super skunk - Big Skunk Korean
    - Afghani - Afghani-Hawaiian
    Indica: 80% Sativa: 20%
    MINIMUM YIELD 12-15 grams
    FLOWERING 9-10 weeks

Soma A+ may become the pet of the class. Short to medium in height, this mostly indica strain displays the bushy structure and dense buds of its Afghani heritage. She is a good sea of green plant since height and branching are easy to manage. With an extended vegetation period, Soma A+ can be coaxed into a larger plant, and will perform well while still being short enough to stay inconspicuous in an outdoor garden. A fast bloomer, Soma A+ finishes in about 8 weeks and wards off spider mites, often being the last plant still holding these pests at bay. The yield makes this a bud for a connoisseur rather than a commercial grower, but the ease of growth and the quality of the final product will make this a coveted weed to share with your inner circle. At maturity, Soma A+ develops sugary red leaves reminiscent of autumn's best maples. As the mostly indica genetics would lead you to expect, the buzz is relaxing to the body and mind, and good for contemplation or napping on rainy day afternoons. Better as a day ender than a day starter, Soma A+ provides medicinal quality cannabis with healing properties for what ails you, whether physical, psychological, or spiritual in nature.


Soma Seeds Somango Female (5 seeds)


    BREEDING - Super Skunk
    - Big Skunk Korean - Jack Herer
    Indica: 75% Sativa: 25%
    MINIMUM YIELD 15-20 grams
    FLOWERING 9-10 weeks

Somango blends the multiple hybrid Jack Herer with Big Skunk Korean to form the fruitiest of all Soma's strains. Previously known by Soma #5, this complex cross was renamed for its tropical mango aroma and flavor. Somango is optimal as a multiple branch plant, since its genetics encourage long side branches and a height on the taller side. A sea of green method can still be undertaken, but branching and height will need to be controlled. Soma prefers to grow on soil indoors with fully organic nutrients, but other media will also give satisfactory results. As it matures, the leaves shade to purple and the buds become covered in a carpet of crystals that makes fine finger hash. While a moderate yielder, Somango's bud possesses sublime qualities.The fragrant and tasty Somango smoke delivers a buzz that is very uplifting and mentally stimulating in its effects. You can smoke this pot without turning into a remote control-wielding couch potato. Euphoric and alert, Somango is a good choice for shifting mental attitude and is a good companion to all of your favorite creative undertakings.


Soma Seeds Buddha Sister Female (5 seeds)

Buddha's Sister
“2nd place, 2001 High Times Cannabis Cup, best indica.”

    BREEDING - Reclining Buddha - Afghani-Hawaiian
    Indica: 80% Sativa: 20%
    MINIMUM YIELD 25-35 grams
    FLOWERING 9-10 weeks

Previously called Soma Skunk V+, this variety was renamed Buddha's sister to suit her tendencies and advance her appeal to Amsterdam coffeeshops. What's in a name? Directly after this deliciously good weed acquired a more intriguing name, she regularly sold out at the coffeeshops, and remains one of the best selling weeds available at De Dampkring. This sibling of Siddhartha is tall and lanky. In the cross with Afghani Hawaiian, she has a considerably increased yield, but less sweet taste than her other half, the Reclining Buddha. Buddha's sister has a flavor like a tart cherry candy, and the scent is similarly tart rather than sweet. The buds have a slippery, silky feel, which means an abundance of greasy resin to make into fantastic hash. She even gives a lot of finger hash that you won't want to wash away after grooming plants. As with all of Soma's varieties, Buddha's sister is medicinal quality cannabis, therapeutic for many conditions. The high is powerful, creative and cerebral in its effects. A mostly indica variety, Buddha's sister tends to make lots of side branches, so she is better to grow as a multi-branch plant instead of in a sea of green. She will still thrive using a sea of green method with some attentiveness. This variety does well hydroponically, but Soma's totally organic soil methods also deliver great results. The more fluffy, loosely packed buds give this plant a resistance to mold while still delivering a pleasing yield. 


Soma Seeds Sogouda Female (5 seeds)


    BREEDING - Blueberry - Cheese - G13 Haze
    Indica: 70% Sativa: 30%
    MINIMUM YIELD 40 grams
    FLOWERING 9 - 10 weeks

Tangy Flavor, Lime Green, Luscious.


Soma Seeds Variety 7 Pack Female (21 seeds)

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We are happy to show our latest product. This product was launched at Spannabis 2013, Barcelona Spain.

This is a variety pack comes with 3 feminized seeds of our most popular 7 strains.

This variety pack comes with 21 seeds. 3 feminized seeds of the most
popular strains.

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