Pyramid Seeds

Pyramid Seeds Tutankhamon Feminised (5 seeds)

Pyramid Seeds Tutankhamon : This plant is an AK-47 selection, as you know, a very expected variety in the market of feminised seeds.

With an intense Skunk flavour, it has one of the highest percentages of THC, that’s why we are pleased to present this strain to everyone.
A perfect variety to be used as a mother plant; because of its small and compact size and the quantity of branches you can get lots of clones. It is easy to cultivate indoor. Outdoor you should try to avoid areas with high humidity to prevent fungus problems that may arise due to its compact buds.
To cultivate outdoor: middle October.
Type:  Sativa 80% / indica 20%     Yield:  500 gr.
Indoor:  60 - 65 days     Height:  80 - 110 cm
Outdoor:  October     THC:  22 %


Pyramid Seeds Anesthesia Feminised (5 seeds)

Pyramid Seeds Anesthesia, is a mix of two selected strains such as Northern Lights and Black Domina, which result is an overwhelming hybrid; a plant with the features of a great Indica: delicious, rich in resins, dense and with an abundant dark green foliage, it’s very appropriate to become a mother because of its fast growing characteristics.

This is a sedative and powerful plant. Moderate use is recommended. Anesthesia is very suitable to mitigate the effects of certain illnesses thanks to its unique behavior. Its cultivation is easy for beginners as well as for those who are after plants to clone successfully; and overall, for those who are looking for powerful effects and Indica aromas.
Type:  Sativa 10% / índica 90%     Yield:  500 gr.
Indoor:  55 - 60 days     Height:  80 - 120 cm
Outdoor:  September     THC:  17 %


Pyramid Seeds Galaxy Feminised (5 seeds)

Pyramid Seeds Galaxy :  This is one of our new varieties, and we have been surprised by the return of this new variety. It is a hybrid of Afghani and Northern Lights.

This plant is very indica, and with its thick buds full of resin it is one of the most productive plants we have.
Because of its fast growth, its branches are a little bit too thin to hold the weight of the buds. Just like it is the case with the Wembley, we recommend building a support system so that the branches do not break due to the excess weight.
Type:  Sativa 20% / indica 80%     Yield:  450 gr.
Indoor:  55 - 60 days     Height:  110 - 130 cm
Outdoor:  September     THC:  15 %



Pyramid Seeds Shark Feminised (5 seeds)

Pyramid Seeds Shark :  This plant comes from the Super Skunk and the Northern Lights. Great flavour and stimulant smell, compact strain with thick and deep green colour leaves.

Easy to grow, this strain allows the inexpert grower to get a harvest of the highest quality.
Powerful plant with a slow progressive effect; perfect to use daily.
Indoor: adapted to all systems and subtracts.
Outdoor: the harvest time is in the last days of September.
Type:  Sativa 20% / indica 80%     Yield:  450 gr.
Indoor:  60 - 65 days     Height:  60 - 90 cm
Outdoor:  September     THC:  14 %


Pyramid Seeds Wembley Feminised (5 seeds)

Pyramid Seeds Wembley :  This is a very special variety for Pyramid, and we really recommend it.
This strain comes from the famous AK-47 and the well tasted Bubble Gum, working a gorgeous variety.

Owner of a wonderful taste just compared with our Northern Lights and Shark, famous for its flavours.

With a medium size, fair green colour, compact and full of resin buds.
Using cuttings indoor we recommend to hold the branches tight to support the bud's weight.
To cultivate outdoor in the middle of October.
Type:  Sativa 20% / indica 80%     Yield:  425 gr.
Indoor:  60 - 65 days     Height:  60 - 90 cm
Outdoor:  October     THC:  16 %


Pyramid Seeds Pipi Feminised (5 seeds)

Pyramid Seeds Pipi :  A Wonderful South African strain for its easy care and its good reaction in every growing system.

This variety comes from the famous "Power Plant" and "White Widow", working a variety with a really good taste and big, compact and crystalline buds. Some people say that it's really powerful.
As we say, its adaptation makes it perfect for a vertical growing. In this way we have been surprised with the results.
To cultivate outdoor in middle October.
Indoor: we recommend no more than ten plants for each light (with both: seeds or cuttings)
Type:  Sativa 60% / indica 40%     Yield:  500 gr.
Indoor:  60 - 65 days     Height:  60 - 100 cm
Outdoor:  October     THC:  17 %


Pyramid Seeds White Widow Feminised (5 seeds)

Pyramid Seeds White Widow :  One of the most famous strains in the world.
It's always fashionable because if something is well-done it's difficult to improve it; this is an example of one of our old genetics, not easy to find nowadays.

It exists in other seeds bank with lower prices but not with this high quality. Widow's lovers know what we want to say, that's why we feminised this phenotype so that everybody could enjoy it.
Plants adapt themselves to all systems without troubles.

With a powerful effect, a fruity taste and its easy growing this plant is ideal for everybody.
The harvest time outdoor is middle October.
Type:  Sativa 50% / indica 50%     Yield:  425 gr.
Indoor:  60 - 68 days     Height:  60 - 90 cm
Outdoor:  October     THC:  17 %


Pyramid Seeds Northernlights Feminised (5 seeds)

Pyramid Seeds Northernlights :  Knowing in cannabis world environment for its exclusive characteristics this is a little and strong strain with wide and deep green colour leaves.

Its intense aroma can be a trouble indoor if we have not any good filter system to make the smell disappear.
Our Northern lights is an antique phenotype difficult to find nowadays.
Winner of the 1st prize in "La Bella Flor" and of the 2nd Hydro award in "Hidroponia Spannabis 2007" too.
As you can see it's ideal to grow in hydroponic systems, but not necessary because it's very adaptable to all subtracts.
Outdoor: due to it's small size, ideal for balconies.
Harvest time: the end of September.
Type:  Sativa 10% / indica 90%     Yield:  350 gr.
Indoor:  55 - 60 days     Height:  60 - 90 cm
Outdoor:  September     THC:  19 %


Pyramid Seeds Nefertiti Feminised (5 seeds)

Pyramid Seeds Nefertiti :  We have recently introduced this variety, winner of the 1º Hydro award in the Spannabis 2007, with the name of Black Hemp.

This strain comes from Black Widow and White Widow. With a singular growth: in vegetative this plant looks like an Indica with leaves like Indica's leaves but when it's blooming it's strong and vigorous and its leaves turn and look like the best Sativa's leaves.
It's a Sativa with a touch of "Haze" flavour, that's why the growing periods must be really short if we don't want to get too big plants.
So indoor we recommend, using cuttings, to put them blooming directly.
Harvest outdoor: middle October.
Type:  Sativa 75% / indica 25%     Yield:  400 gr.
Indoor:  70 - 75 days     Height:  60 - 90 cm
Outdoor:  October     THC:  20 %


Pyramid Seeds Lennon Feminised (5 seeds)

Pyramid Seeds Lennon :  This plant makes big and large buds with thick pistils. This is our oldest variety and we can be proud of having one of the most desired Jack Herer for these strain lovers.

Its strong "Haze", flavour and smell makes it wonderful.
We have feminised this variety giving you something very difficult to find nowadays.
Outdoor it's big and productive with a great harvest in the beginning of November.
Only for experienced growers, because of its feeding requirements.
We recommend not to use very rich in nitrogen substrates and to adjust the blooming water irrigation PH between 6,5 and 6,8.

Enjoy it!
Type:  Sativa 80% / indica 20%     Yield:  500 gr.
Indoor:  75 - 85 days     Height:  70 - 110 cm
Outdoor:  November     THC:  18 %


Pyramid Seeds New York City Feminised (5 seeds)

Pyramid Seeds New York City :  We are pleased to present our New York City, a very vigorous strain whit a peculiar taste. We have grown this variety in aeroponic systems with great results.

Growing seeds indoor we recommend to start blooming when the plants have already 4 or 5 pairs of leaves and leaving them a few days in vegetative growth if they come from cuttings.
Outdoor: big flowerpots will be necessary to get a great harvest.
On the ground: they will surprise you
The harvest time is the beginning of November.
Type:  Sativa 70% / indica 30%     Yield:  500 gr.
Indoor:  70 - 80 days     Height:  80 - 120 cm
Outdoor:  November     THC:  17 %


Pyramid Seeds Osiris Feminised (5 seeds)

This hybrid successfully combines two of the most appreciated strains of the past few years: White Widow – the favorite mother plant for creating new varieties -, and AK47 - a famous plant loved by the majority of growers -. This perfect blend produced Osiris, a stable, highly productive variety with a fruity aroma, high potency and long lasting effect.

Osiris is a robust plant, with dark green leaves, long, thick buds covered with a coating of resin trichomes. This strain is now the Goddess for every connoisseur, both for indoor and outdoor crops.
Type:  Sativa 40% / Indica 60%     Yield:  500 gr.
Indoor:  60 days     Height:  80 - 160 cm
Outdoor:  September     THC:  16 - 20 %


Pyramid Seeds Fresh Candy Feminised (5 seeds)

After having worked on the 2001 regular Sweet Tooth seeds from Space of Life, we selected this phenotype of robust and branched Indica. It has a thick, compact flower.

This variety has a fresh taste of sweet, intense candy.

Flowering from 50 to 60 days according to the taste you want.

Fresh candy is a plant easy to grow, it adapts to any terrain. Great for beginners and people who do not want a lot of obligations.


Pyramid Seeds Alpujarrena Feminised (5 seeds)

After several years working with this strain from Granada, we are pleased to bring it on the market. It is a fast flowering variety (for about 50 days).

Alpujarreña has been grown to over a 1000 meters; it is a strong plant, resistant to extreme conditions.

When experiencing low temperatures, it acquires a purple tone.

It is a variety with a very good taste and a relaxing effect

10% Sativa 90% Indica    Yield:  600 grams
Indoor:  49 - 56 days     Height:  
Outdoor:  Early September     THC:  17,5 %


Pyramid Seeds Kryptonite Feminised (5 seeds)

We took several phenotypes of the Granada Mountains and crossed them with our varieties to find a plant more narcotic and with a stronger effect. The outcome is this strain of fast flowering. Plant of median appearance with long thin buds, but very compact and heavy.

It has a deep green color that is becoming clearer as the flowering progresses. It has a touch of acid haze because of its crossing with Yumbolt.

Probably the fastest Sativa in the world.

Type: 80% Sativa 20% Indica

Yield: 500-600 grams

Indoor flowering: 60-65 days

Outdoor flowering: mid September

THC: 17% CBD 1, 9 % CBN 0, 6 %


Pyramid Seeds Blue Pyramid Feminised (5 seeds)

type:  Sativa 20%   Indica  80%     Yield:  600 gr.
Indoor:  50-55 days     Height:  
Outdoor:   September     THC:  22 %

Pyramid Seeds Anubis Feminised (5 seeds)

One of the highest yielders to be cultivated, Anubis benefits from Wembley´s sweetness and Chronic´s yield potential.

It was created several years ago, initially we had no intention to place this variety into the market and wished to keep it to ourselves. But, eventually, we decided to share this delicious plant amongst all growers.

Anubis is easily suitable for all growing techniques. This makes it an ideal choice for growers with small cultivation areas, willing to optimize the profit yield of their harvests. It produces buds so tremendous that they nearly overload the plant.
Type:  Sativa 30% / indica 70%     Yield:  600 gr.
Indoor:  56 - 63 days     Height:  100 - 120 cm
Outdoor:  September     THC:  15 - 18 %


Pyramid Seeds Superhash Feminised (5 seeds)

Super Hash is a plant that keeps its delicious flavor both by pollen extraction and consumed in bloom. Due to its fast blooming, it is ideal for growers looking for heavy yields in a short period of time.

The most suitable choice for pollen extraction lovers, it produces large crystalline buds, generously covered by THC trichomes that can reach out even the largest leaves (as seen in the photo). Thanks to its relaxing effect, it also has a therapeutic use.
Type:  Sativa 10% / Indica 90%     Yield:  500 - 600gr.
Indoor:  55 days     Height:  80 - 150 cm
Outdoor:  September     THC:  14 - 19 %


Pyramid Seeds Tutankhamon Autoflower Feminised (5 seeds)

Like Auto Pyramid, Auto Tutankhamon has become so popular among growers that we decided to improve its production, size and taste in a 2nd generation that keeps its key essence.

In order to achieve its full potential, we recommend the use 20 liter pots, and as maximum hours as possible of direct sunshine exposure.
Type:  Rud. 30% / Stv. 30% / Ind. 40%     Yield:  30 - 120 gr.
Indoor:  75 - 85 days     Height:  50 - 140 cm
Outdoor:  February / October     THC:  10 - 13 %


Pyramid Seeds Auto Anesthesia Feminised (5 seeds)

Type:  Auto flowering 100%     Yield:  550gr.
Indoor:  7 weeks     Height:  40 - 100 cm
Outdoor:  60 days     THC:  17 %

Pyramid Seeds Auto Anubis Feminised (5 seeds)

Type:  Auto flowering 100%  
 Yield:  500  550gr.
Indoor:  8 weeks  
 Height:  60 - 130 cm
Outdoor:  67 days  
 THC:  15 %

Pyramid Seeds Auto New York City Feminised (5 seeds)

Type:  Auto flowering 100%     Yield:  500- 550 gr.
Indoor:  8 weeks     Height:  60 - 130 cm
Outdoor:  67  days     THC:  18 %



Pyramid Seeds Auto Shark Feminised (5 seeds)

This auto-flowering variety is a cross between Shark, a very stable variety and several generations of Ruderalis. This generation of automatics offers a higher size than its predecessors and a more distinctive flavor.

Its strong Skunk aroma makes Auto Shark highly attractive for those who prefer this kind of strains.

Auto Shark appeals with its dark green color and snowy full of resin buds.

Outdoors, this strain can stretch up to one meter in a 20 liter plant pot.

Type:  Ruderalis 25% / Sativa 20% / Indica 55%     Yield:  30 - 100 gr.
Indoor:  70 days     Height:  60 - 110 cm
Outdoor:  February / October     THC:  8 - 12 %


Pyramid Seeds Auto White Widow Feminised (5 seeds)

Type:  Auto flowering 100%     Yield:  550 gr.
Indoor:  7 weeks     Height:  80 - 150 cm
Outdoor:   55 days     THC:  16 %

Pyramid Seeds Auto Pyramid Feminised (5 seeds)