Pot Square 14 liter (28.5 x 28.5 x28.4 cm)

NPB VEGA SQUARE POT 14 LITER 28,5 X 28,5 X 28,4 CM

The Vega Square pots from NPB are suitable for any cultivation. They can be used in soil, coco substrate and in hydro systems. The NPB Vega pots are made from high quality copolymer polypropylene. This is a thermoplastic deformable plastic with the qualities of polypropylene and polyethylene together.

This black square 'Versace' pot with a capacity of 14 liters is also suitable for the WILMA and other hydro culture systems.

The advantage of a square pot above a round pot is that you can use the floor surface as useful as possible.


- Good impact resistance;
- 100% recyclable;
- UV resistant;
- Can be used in all weather conditions -65 ° C - + 85 ° C;
- Dimensions: 28,5 X 28,5 X 28,4 cm;
- Weight 0.45 kg.