Seedsman Fem


Seedsman Fem Auto Kush (5seeds)

Auto Kush in a simple cross of a Hindu Kush mother from Sensi Seeds breeding stock with a Lowryder #2 father from the Joint Doctor. Like many Hindu Kush hybrid strains the resulting strain is a squat plant growing to no more than 60 cm with very bushy, very vigorous growth. It produces resinous buds with a very hashy taste.
Additional Information
Breeder  Seedsman
AKA  Automatic Hindu Kush
Genetics  Lowryder #2 x Hindu Kush
Variety  Indica / Sativa
Flowering Type  Autoflowering
Sex  Feminised
THC Content  Unknown
Grows  Greenhouse, Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Flowering Time  7-9 Weeks
Harvest Month  2.5 Months from Seed
Medicinal Properties  Easy to manage auto-flowering strain with good potency. Likely to be high in CBD.

Seedsman Fem Mama Mia (5seeds)

Genetics: Early Skunk x Mazari Sharif
Variety: Mostly Indica
Type: Hybrid
Harvest Date: End of September
Flowering Period: 8 weeks

Location: Indoors/Outdoors
No. of seeds Per Packet: 5
Characteristics: Solid indica bud formation.

Mama Mia is very similar to our Mazari strain, except we chose an earlier flowering Skunk to make the cross and to ensure that Mama Mia finishes that bit earlier than Mazari both indoors and out doors.

The resulting strains are similar in both growth and effect.  Solid buds with good yields and a smooth, long lasting effect.  Mama Mia does have slightly more indica tendencies in growing, producing slightly shorter, darker, broader plants.



Seedsman Fem White Widow (5seeds)

Genetics: Indian/Brazilian
Variety: Mostly sativa
Type: Stabilized hybrid
Harvest Date: End of October
Flowering Period: 8 weeks

Location: Indoors/Outdoors/Greenhouse
No. of seeds Per Packet: 5
Characteristics: Plants white with crystals.

This strain appeard in Holland at the beginning of the 1990’s and quickly became a hit in all the coffee shops and not long after around the globe.

 It is a potent cross of a Brasilian and an Indian sativa.  Its name stems from its immense crystal production that makes it shine and glimmer.

White Widow can be grown both indoors and outdoors finishing indoors in around 8 weeks and outdoors in late October.

This is a great strain for wannabe breeders but will also suit those that enjoy an easy to grow strain with a very strong sativa effect.

Seedsman Fem Velvet Bud (5seeds)

Genetics: Skunk
Variety: Mostly sativa
Type: Hybrid
Harvest Date: End of October
Flowering Period: 9 weeks

Location: Indoors/Outdoors/Greenhouse
No. of seeds Per Packet: 5
Characteristics: Easy to grow, smooth tasting, purple strain.

This is a close relation of our Purple Bud.  We remastered our original Purple Skunk variety to give a plant with a  much smoother smoke hence the name Velvet Bud. 

This strain produces a laid back but powerful effect, for many, with an anti-anxiety high.

Plants grow with long sativa side-branching that makes it ideal to be grown in a sea of green set up.  Whilst the yields are't excessive the quality in taste and smoothness (when cured properly) is easily reocognisable.