Female Seeds X - Line

The X-line is developed with the intension of creating (limited) editions of exclusive strains/crosses for the enthusiast. The first edition of the X-line exists of: White Widow X Big Bud C'99 Nevilles Haze Grapefruit X Nev.Haze Zamal X Nev.Haze All 99,9% female, 5 seeds a pack for a price you won't believe.

The X-Line was developed with the intention of creating limited editions of exclusive strains/crosses for the enthousiast.

As soon as a variety is sold out, it will be replaced another variety. Each X-Line bag contains 5 female/feminized seeds.


Female Seeds X - Line Fast Neville Haze (5 seeds)

This is what the Sativa enthusiast has been waiting for: an 8 - 9 week flowering Nevilles Haze.
Over 12 generations flowering time was brought back by crossing the NH with a fast flowering NH - ICE cross. Then several generations were selected on early flowering NH individuals and then crossed back to the NH again.
After selecting on fast flowering again we have an almost pure NH who flowers mostly in 8 - 9 weeks.
This batch consists of 5 selected females from a field of females. Some variation may be encountered.
This is why you can get an improved worlds best strain for the lowest price.
Yield: Max
Height: 1.2m - 1.5m (indoors)
Flowering time: 8 - 9 weeks (90%)

Female Seeds X - Line C99 Hybrid (5 seeds)

The C99 is the holy grail of the cannabis strains. As she resembles the high and the taste of a sweet landrace sativa, which normally takes half a year to flower. But the C99 flowers in 7 - 8 weeks.
This C99 hybrid also resembles a landrace sativa in high, taste and smell,  takes only 7 - 8 weeks to flower. But some individuals might be a bit spicier than the true C99.
One parent line has 75% C99 / 25% Maroc and one parent line is 50% C99 and 50% Nev. Haze early flowering selection parent.
Seeds come from 10 different parents, so there will be some variation. One half is stable and the other half shows some variation, but they all will have a spicy, sweet taste and smell and an incredible landrace high.
And this at an incredible low price would be a waste not to try!

Female Seeds X - Line Outdoor C99 (5 seeds)

Another cannabis version of the holy grail of the 1990's, which surprised the whole seedbusiness. An innovative cannabis strain with a whole new sweet taste and smell. Now we come with a special outdoor cannabis version, which produces more flowers than leaves in a temperate climate. (where the olives/grapes grow).

Optimum outdoor sowing time is from the end of March - beginning of May. They will be finished end September.

Flowering time: 55 days
Height: 2 - 2,5 m
Harvest time: End September in the Netherlands
Yield: very good
Taste / Smell: Pineapple smell and fresh mint aroma


Female Seeds X - Line Purple Power (5 seeds)

A very popular early and fast flowering variety for outdoor growing. All our outdoor strains not only react to a shorter light cycle, but also react to less intensive light. This means that they can flower well in the shade and even under 24hr fluorescent lighting! In Holland they start flowering from mid July to the beginning of August.

This batch is an improvement of the previous batch. This Purple Power is just as fast, but produces purple leaves, instead of purple flowers.
She is more resinous with a stronger head high.  This is a selection out of the previous Purple Power.
Limited batch only available in packs of 5 seeds.

Flowering time: 50 days
Height: 1,5 - 2m
Harvest time: Half till end September in the Netherlands
Yield: good
Taste / Smell: herbal taste and odour


Female Seeds X - Line Big Grapefruit (5 seeds)

This strain started as a gift seed in our shop. But after many requests she is now available to buy.

She is a cross of one of our best Grapefruit x (Grapefruit x a sativa dominant Big Bud). Expect a faster and bigger Grapefruit with a hashy fruity taste.

Stability: 3 to 5 pheno's

Indica/sativa : 90% fast sativa

10 - 11 weeks from seed to harvest,  8 weeks 12/12 included. Extreme fast sativa dominant strain.