The Seedsman works directly with the original pioneering breeders from Sacred Seeds and Cultivators Choice to bring you original true-breeding strains and F1 hybrids.  We also work with other breeders to bring you the best pure-bred strains from around the world. This ensures the quality and integrity of the plant’s genetics, and results in standardized plants with predictable characteristics.

Much of the breeding efforts that have gone into producing the Seedsman range, have been concerned with acclimatising high-THC strains of equatorial origin to different regions whilst preserving potency. Selection is extremely important within the breeding process.  All our seeds have been acclimatised in Europe.

Seedsman breeders make selections and crosses based on the favourable characteristics of the plants. The following characteristics are considered particularly important:

General characteristics,  Flower characteristics, Size and yield, Shape, Vigour, Colour, Resistance to pests and Disease  Maturation, Taste and Aroma, Root production, Sex.

All the seeds we list are produced 100% organically and have been grown in absolute isolation to ensure that no fertilization occurs by strains other than that selected. The seeds are collected from fully mature female plants, which have been selected for being exceptionally early, and healthy growing plants. The seeds have not been chemically treated in any way.