Twenty years of travelling the world in search of the grail, from the mountains of Jamaica and Colombia in the New World to Pakistan, India and Thailand. Meticulous selections from more than one hundred varieties and careful progeny testings have culminated in magnificent examples that bring us the gamut of the sublime.The mayority of the varieties we carry are from original landrace stock, cultivated in their respective lands for generations and brought back by ourselves and our friends who have travelled to those far away places in search of cannabis seeds with the purpose of safeguarding them for posterity.
Sold in packs of 10


Cannabiogen Seeds Leshaze regular (5 seeds)

Type: Sativa

Flower: 60-70 days

Outdoor: Mid October

Yield: 250-400 grams/m2 

Is a complex hybrid of excellent stock, the mother, a stable, early flowering plant from Lesotho, growned there in mountains 2000 mts high. The father, a Skunk/Haze with dutch roots brings us a strong hybrid which grows well both indoors and outdoors.

A potent sativa high dominates this hybrid. It's sweet and spicy with an intense perfume with green and purple buds.

The buds and even the stems glisten with resin tops a spectacular yield.

Vegetative period: Minimum 30 days for high performance.

Cannabiogen Seeds Caribe regular (10 seeds)


Type: Sativa

Flower: 65/70 days.

Outdoors:End of Sept/Early October

Yield: 250-375 grams/m2. 


A first rate backcross (Jamaica x Jamaica/NL5/Haze) between our best female from the Blue Mountains in Jamaica and a champion NL/Haze bring us a great yielding sativa that can be grown indoors. Yield and quality are complemented by its resistancy to plagues, especially those brought about by humid climates.  

Time seems to stop as the senses sharpen, this sativa hybrid is a gem sativa lovers love to own.

Shortening the light period incrementally from 12 to 8 hours in the last 2 weeks is best to augment resin production and to avoid typical sativa reflowering.

Vegetative period: Minimum 30 days for high performance.

Cannabiogen Seeds Destroyer regular (5 seeds)


Type: Sativa 100%

Vegetative period: Minimum 30 days for high performance

Flowering: 60/75 days.

Outdoors: Early November.

Yield: 200-300 gr/m2


This 100% Sativa strain is a cross of Meao Thai and an early and stable Mexico/Colombia. The exceptional backcross of two of our best females took over 7 years. The total acclimatization of the mother Thai has been so difficult that we decided to introduce an earlier Sativa, as well as productive, and add its characteristics.

The result is a strain which represents the state-of-the-art of Sativa with an exotic predominance of Thai.

The small and numerous bracteas are covered with a big amount of trichomes full of THC, carrying even 92 trichomes in some bracteas by mm2.

Environmental conditions should be rather dry during bloom and with nutrients level quite low, specially nitrogen.

Flowering period is from 8 to 12 weeks depending of growing conditions.

Medium/high yield outdoors and some less in indoors. Suitable with grows using SOG and SCROG techniques.

Cannabiogen Seeds Sugarloaf regular (10 seeds)


Type: Indica/Sativa 50%

Flower: 55/65  days

Outdoors: End of Sept/Early October. 

Yield: 300-450 grams/m2. 


An F1 Hibrid of extraordinary vigor, large tricomes and dense, resinous buds.

The mother, a beautiful indica whose seeds were brought back from Pakistan was crossed wih our favorite Capricho male (Capricho, a backcrossed Manali x Colombian). This indica / sativa combination with its high proportion of calix to leaves ratio and a potent psichoactive high is also a large producer whose branches need to be tied to avoid breakage.

A wonderful, delightful treat that can be grown indoors and outdoors.

Vegetable period 20/25 days.

Cannabiogen Seeds Taskenti regular (10 seeds)

Out Of Stock

Type: Indica 100%

Vegetative period: Minimum 30 days for high performance.

Flowering: 55/65 days

Outdoors: Middle October

Yield: 350-400 gr/m2


A 100% Indica originated in Uzbekistan. Its name comes from one of the best hash in the world, according to experts; a very powerful and resinous strain, of enormous yield, mainly outdoors.

It has a refined and subtle hashish perfume, a shade between mint and lemon, very intense.

Original latitude and height cultivation conditions have made its acclimatization very simple, similar to Southern Spain Mountains. Nevertheless a meticulous selection and improvement work has been done to fix genetic dominance for the most important aspects, allowing simultaneously diversifying the zones of growing indoors (also hydroponics) and outdoors.

Indoors plants mature in 7-9 weeks, needing a good ventilation and dry atmosphere, mainly in flowering. Vegetative period: Minimum 30 days for high performance

Cannabiogen Seeds Sandstorm regular (10 seeds)

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Type: Indica 100%

Flower: 55/65 days

Outdoor: Octubre. 

Yield: 250-400 grams/m2 


A great plant to make hashish from two great hashish lines, both 100% indica: the mother, an indica from the Chitral Kush region coupled with an exceptional male clone from Arabene, Morroco.

It gives very dense nuggets covered with resin.

These plants need to be ventilated well when the buds start putting weight and density.

This sweet scented plant is potent, productive and easy to grow.

Vegetative period: Minimum 30 days for high performance.

Cannabiogen Seeds Peyote Purple Regular (10 seeds)



Bank: CannaBioGen
Type: Indica Bubba Kush
Flowering: 8-9 weeks
Yield: Average

Delicious and spectacular hybrid originated in US of stimulant and uplighting indica effect. It is harvested in 8-9 weeks. Sweet aromas to incence, earth with touches of mango, metalic and shampoo. Is a fantastic high quality resin producer. Its been developed several generations from an isolated purple pheno segregated from Bubba Kush. Due giving a few males in its offspring, line is offered as regular seeds, 10 seeds per pack but results tell about a very extremelly high average of females

Cannabiogen Seeds Pakistan Chitral Kush Regular (10 seeds)


Bank: CannaBioGen
Type: Pure Indica Pakistan
Flowering : 8-9 weeks
Yield : Average

Original breeders of this pure Indica from Chitral in the Hindu Kush Pakistan .


Chitral is famous in the world of cannabis to produce one of the best hashish from Pakistan. The line of Pakistan Chitral we offer you is an excellent pure indica, which began to be worked in the Iberian Peninsula in the mid 90s. It has been selected and played for over 5 generations looking for the best hash plant expressions and maintaining a broad genetic diversity in the population .

Certainly, this line indicates an explosion of colors , flavors and aromas , being 2 main phenotypes equally frequent : a 'green' phenotype and another very colorful. Both expressions plants produce excellent adaptability , quick maturing , large production of resins and relaxed and potent hash plant effect .

The green phenotype may produce a bit more potent and resinous plants while the plants are a colorful spectacle for its authentic flavors of berries and pinks , reds, and purples that acquire color when ripe . The latter is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cannabis indica expressions we have had the pleasure of meeting .

The Pakistan Chitral is an indica with a surprisingly resistance to fungus and rain, and exceptional breeding tool , with which you have developed great hybrid of both states as pure sativa / indica . As the terpenes , colors and resin production and resistance and adaptability to different types of crops, are easily transmitted in their hybrids .

A real gem that we finally reach the Indica lovers and cannabis breeding .

Appearance indicates plants , internode medium , wide and well-branched leaf, not as robust as the pure Afghan .

Variety of sweet flavors , always round and penetrating. The green phenotype bouquet is caramel with suggestive hints of ripe peach , earthy background and ' hachísero ' . The red and purple plants smell of strawberries

Pleasant and relaxing hash plant effect .

Excellent adaptability to indoor growing and a wide range of outdoor climates : hot or cold , dry or rainy .
One of our most successful lines and the best-known and used by other breeders for their spectacular colors and growers for their medicinal effects and flavors peculaires

Cannabiogen Seeds Panama D.C. Regular (10 seeds)

Bank: CannaBioGen
Regular Seeds

Sativa: sativa-indica Panama x Deep Chunk
Yield: Medium
Flowering: 8-9 weeks

Hybrid classic sativa / indicated that joins two lines with copious resin production and personality for themselves such as Deep Chunk from Tom Hill and Panama "Pink Hair". Flowers in a little over 8 weeks and is mostly indicated effect. Strong Afghan influence, produces hard and resinous terminal buds with earthy flavors and lemony mainly being occasional occurrence of roses in flower stigmas.

Cannabiogen Seeds Jarilla Regular (10 seeds)


Mexico - JARILLA Sinaloa x10

Bank: CannaBioGen
Type sativa: Jarilla from Sinaloa
Yield: average
Flowering 12-14 weeks


Local Mexican Sinaloan line of citric aroma and taste, clear high and quick flowering

Cannabiogen Seeds Punto Rojo Regular (10 seeds)

Out Of Stock

Yield: Medium/High
Flowering: 16 a 22 weeks

Classic Variety. Classic Colombian of high repute and influence. This first version features a cross between various Red Dot ranges from the north and centre of the country. Its flowering is between 16 to 22 weeks, with purple or green colours. Its complex aromas make up for the low yield. As with the Mangobiche, part of the effort put forth has been to be able to offer batches with an acceptable sexual characteristics, although we cannot rule out the appearance of some intersexual individuals in the initial version.

Cannabiogen Seeds Mextiza Regular (10 seeds)


Features of Mextiza, of Cannabiogen
Suitable for interior and exterior
Regular:Sativa dominance
Genetics: Sativa Nepal/Jamaica x Mexico Oaxaca
Flowering indoor: 9-10 weeks
Outdoor harvest: End of September / Early October
Indoor yield: 350-400 g/m2
Outdoor yield: 400-500 g/plant
TCH level: High

Mextiza of Cannabiogen comes from the intersection of a Mexico Oaxaca with a Jamaican variety, and Sativa from Nepal.
The result is a Sativa dominant hybrid with strong, robust, easy to grow, flowering short, powerful and productive.
Mextiza develops wonderful, medium/large size plants, with a strong, open structure, with a large distance between nodes and with large and thin leaves.
Grows strongly so controlling her indoor growth o is advised, in order to allow enough space during flowering. His many long branches bearing large and compact buds covered with resin.
It is resistant to mold. His best results occur outdoors or in greenhouses in hot areas.
We believe that Sativa lovers will appreciate it.Mextiza has an intense aroma and flavor, with notes of lemon, Pine wood, fresh herbs, incense and spices.
 The effect is a powerful cerebral high, clear and stimulating, typically Sativa. It is ideal for developing many activities with friends.


Cannabiogen Seeds Mangobiche Regular (10 seeds)


Bank: CannaBioGen
Type: sativa
Flowering: 16-24 weeks
Yiedl: medium/high

Highly reputed colombian line due its tasty aromas and its long lasting and strong effect, Mangobiche, line of uncertain origins, is one of the few old lines which still survive in the country. Highly branched plants with large colas full of flowers. Mango fruit and spicy aromas. It has a potent effect, cerebral and trippy and bit mellow at the same time, confortable and exciting, which last few hours. A classic among the best colombians classics