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Female Seeds is a company that has produced many regular cannabis strains for well known seed-companies over the past 15 years. This is a process of breeding, crossing, creating, improving and testing many strains. Now Femaleseeds has switched to producing female only seeds and can offer these seeds at a reasonable price as you are now able to buy directly from our team of breeders.

Female Seeds has been going strong for the past year now. Day by day, more and more people are experiencing the benefits of reliable Female Seeds from quality strains. And still these seeds can be offered for a reasonable price, making them available to everyone. Over the past period of time we have developed different ways of producing reliable female seeds.

Female Seeds™ is committed to providing customers with top quality seeds. After harvesting, our seed batches are subjected to a reliability test. Seed batches which have proven to be unreliable have been destroyed. Through this testing we have found the average germination rate to be over 95%. Our seeds are processed in a protective environment and are kept refrigerated (3 –5 ° C) and under controlled humidity for optimum freshness.
The seeds are then packed in sealed seed packs coated with a special foil in which the seeds are not visible. This is necessary to protect the seeds from destructive light and to preserve their germination ability for as long as possible.
Each packet of seeds states it’s own batch-number and the date of packing. When kept refrigerated at least 80% of these seeds will still germinate after 5 years of age!

Available in packs of 4 or 10 seeds at reasonable prices.

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Female Seeds Indoormix Mixed (10 seeds)

The Indoor Mix is a mix of all kinds of hybrids of our strains (breeding stock) and our strains crossed with other top strains. Be surprised!



Female Seeds Iced Grapefruit (10 seeds)


This is a most interesting cross with the Grapefruit being the perfect mental painkiller. Making people high and happy, just like the good old Sativa. Where pharmaceutical anti-depressants numb feelings, our Grapefruit makes people feel happy and enlightend. Then the ICE, being one of the strongest varieties of the world, is more of a physical heavy bodied painkiller.
These medical aspects of both varieties should give this cross some excellent prospects. Giving you the choice to pick out your own perfect keeper, what ever suits your desires.
Expect long big buds with a height around 1.20m. Flowering time will be around 8 weeks.
The smell will be very special with the fruitiness of the Grapefruit combined with the black hash ozone of the ICE.

Indica/sativa: 40/60
Flowering time: around 8 weeks, mid october outdoors

Female Seeds Iced Grapefruit (4 seeds)


Female Seeds Lemon Kush (10 seeds)


A Chitral kush from the Hindu Kush mountain range in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
With an unique strong herbal lemon smell and taste. She is mostly indica with small hard nugs and with a little stretch towards the end. Stoney, yet high allround buzz

So, despite the indica heritage, she leads to a sativa-ish high in the head and is therefore a cannabis favourite amongst the connoisseurs of the medical community in Holland since the early 90’s.

Yield is average to good with very white, high resin buds after a flowering time of about 8 - 9 weeks.  Height approx. 0.80m - 1m

Also suitable for outdoors in temperate climates, where the grapes and citrus grows. Harvest end September - half October. Recent reports from southern europe have shown 1kg excellent quality bud per plant !!  (2012)

This tasty cannabis strain is now on sale, because 1 plant in 20 may show male flowers. If you can keep an eye on them and seperate them on time, you have a superb cannabis strain for a low price.

Female Seeds Lemon Kush (4 seeds)


Female Seeds Blue Cheese (10 seeds)

New in our seed range, the Blue Cheese (cheese x Blueberry multiple hybrid).
From a selected extraordinary mother, very cheesy and resinous. Healthy vigorous plants with a blue shine.Plants can three-fold in volume or/and triple in height after put on 12/12. The effect is very stoned bud head and body is in good balance.

Flowering time: 60 days
Height: 80 - 100 cm
Seed to harvest: 75 days
Yield: High quality big harvest
Taste / Smell: Extreme Cheesy aroma

Female Seeds Blue Cheese (4 seeds)


Female Seeds Bubblegummer (10 seeds)


Originally the Bubblegum was developed by growers in Indiana, USA. From there the genetics moved to New England and eventually Holland. lt took many generations to finally produce this stable Bubblegum, with the characteristic, sweet smell (truly resembling a typical bubble gum taste) and euphoric high; the original trademarks of this famous strain. She grows vigorously and finishes flowering in about 8 weeks. Highly resinous and extra sweet. Certain individuals actually display that distinct pink chewing gum scent and flavor.
A medium tall, usually not too branchy (sometimes stretchy) plant, producing compact, crystal covered buds.

Picture provided by djay

Female Seeds Bubblegummer (4 seeds)


Female Seeds Ice (10seeds)


After 10 years of creating and improving the ICE she is now finally ready for release in female seeds.


The ICE ® is a selected pheno out of a Skunk Special X White Widow cross, back in '96.
She was selected out of 500 females, because she had best of both sides. The enormous buds of the Skunk Special, the trich coverage and power of the White Widow, with an Indica look.

During the High times Cup of '98, the highest THC-levels were measured in the ICE. (published in Weed World).
Years of backcrossing and cubing have been spend to stabilise this cross towards the first pheno-type. Even a little bit of Blue Berry was crossed in and stabilised again. She smells like a diesel (fuel) and the flowering period is 8-9 weeks.


Finally we managed to bring out a female version of this wonderful strain.  She has been tested under the most stressful conditions and stays female.

ICE at 4 weeks on 12/12

Although an indoor strain, she grows perfectly outdoor in Mediterranean climates.

Female Seeds Ice (4seeds)


Female Seeds Iced Widow (10 seeds)


A cannabis must for every Indica lover! A F1 mix between White Widow and ICE. This cannabis strain is very compact and productive. The end result is very strong with a very high yield.

Flowering time: 55 days
Height: 60-80 cm
Seed to harvest: 69 days
Yield: enormous
Taste / Smell: a diesel and hasjiesj taste and smell 

Female Seeds Iced Widow (4 seeds)


Female Seeds White Widow x Big Bud (10 seeds)


A very popular cannabis strain with enormous yield and heavy stone.
Expect enormous dripping from resin buds from this one. With the ‘knock-out’ White Widow Stone after 7-8 weeks of 12/12. Due to popularity now a permanent cannabis strain.

 Flowering time: 49 days
Height: 60-80 cm
Seed to harvest: 63 days
Yield: enormous
Taste / Smell: Skunky taste and smell

Female Seeds White Widow x Big Bud (4 seeds)


Female Seeds Pure Ak (10 seeds)


Since the mid 1990’s “AK” cannabis strains have been increasingly popular. Our Pure AK cannabis is one of the strongest early finishing strains available anywhere. Pure AK produces hard buds with an exceptional penetrating aroma. Pure AK cannabis is an indica/sativa hybrid yet it retains most of its sativa qualities in its high. Pure AK finishes in as early as 48 days if conditions are perfect..
Extremely STRONG odour and smoke. An occasional leaf mutation can occur, but this is familiar with this strain.

Flowering time: 49 days
Height: 50 - 70cm
Seed to harvest: 65 days
Yield:  high
Taste / Smell: Strong in effect and soft taste

Female Seeds Pure Ak (4 seeds)


Female Seeds Blueberry Cheesecake (10 seeds)


Our Blueberry Cheesecake (Cheese x Blueberry multiple hybrid) is selected from an extremely strong, smelly mother (you will be able to smell it straight through the bag!). The strain has been stabilised on this special phenotype which has a really amazing Blueberry Cheesecake smell.

The plants are very resinous, giving healthy vigorous plants with a light blue shine. They can triple in volume and/or height after being put on 12/12.

Perfect for outdoor in mediterranean climates.

Height: 80 - 100 cm

Flowering time: 60 days 7-8 weeks
Seed to harvest: 75 days 10-11 weeks
Harvest: High quality, high yield harvest
Taste / Smell: Extremely strong creosote aroma followed by an unusual cheesecake smell.

Effect: Very stoned, whilst the body is in balance.

Female Seeds Blueberry Cheesecake (4 seeds)


Female Seeds Skunk Special (10 seeds)


From all the Skunk-varieties, we selected the fastest producer of enormous buds with a strong skunk aroma and a heavy buzz. Skunk special is a stable strain with little variety between the individuals. These will give you an enormous quantity of great weed. The buds are red and hard as stone. All this make people say there is no better skunk, or that it is an Elite skunk.

Skunk Special is ideal for indoor artificial light, yet it is also perfect for outdoor growing or greenhouse as it does very well in temperate climates.

Height: 60 - 80 cm
Flowering time: 7 - 8 weeks
Seed to Harvest: 10 weeks
Harvest: Large, high quality

Taste / Smell: Citric, old school skunk piss smell

Effect: Head high and body stone. Good balance between Indica and Sativa.

Back due to popular demand! We have brought back the Skunk Special because it is still a great choice after all these years.

This strain was first developed in Dutch greenhouses and selected as one of the world's best marihuana-producers. It was then crossed and refined to create an earlier maturing, more stable and consistent batch.

The best one was selected out of around 10,000 (!) plants and was cloned in selective circles in greenhouses around Rotterdam, Holland, gaining the nickname 'het Sammetje' (the Sammy). After that, in 1990, it arrived in Amsterdam continuing on through the whole of Holland.

The genetic make up is mostly of a Mexican Colombian Sativa with that Skunk piss smell that people talk about - this could be called the old-school skunk.

Female Seeds Skunk Special (4 seeds)




Female Seeds C99 (10 seeds)


The C’99 is the holy grail of the cannabis strains. As she resembles the high and the taste of an exceptional sweet landrace sativa, which normally takes half a year to flower. But the C99 flowers in 7 - 8 weeks. On top of that the buds are quite sugared.
This new batch is a cross of two exceptional basic pheno types, the Grapefruit and the Pineapple. Both derived from the original Brothers Grimm C99. It matures in 4 weeks from seed, which is much faster than the original C99. (6 - 8 weeks)
One not to miss!

Flowering time: 56 days
Height: 80 - 100 cm
Seed to Harvest: 75 day
Yield: high
Taste / Smell: Extremely fruity like a pineapple / grapefruit



Picture provided by Mistery

Female Seeds C99 (4 seeds)


Female seeds Grapefruit (10seeds)


For those who like it sweet ! Grapefruit Developed out of a Cindy 99, bred with an autoflowering Sativa for some generations. Selected on it’s strong Grapefruit / Pineapple smell. She is a semi-autoflowering strain, which will flower under 24hrs in low light conditions.
A highly praised strain and very popular for years. Recognised for it’s pleasurable happy high, just like the old school sativa landraces. Only the flowering period of the Grapefruit is 8 weeks instead of half a year.
This new style sativa is early maturing, fast flowering and maximum yielding. Buds have a soft smell of grapefruit, sweet taste and intense tropical high. Stabilised on early maturity for some generations now.
This generation is selected on shorter pheno types,
This is the first batch of the good old Grapefruit. In September a second batch will follow which is even fruitier and more stable.

Flowering period : 8 weeks
Yield : Maximum
Harvest outdoors : End Oct.
Variation : 2

Female Seeds Grapefruit (4seeds)


Female Seeds Neville Haze (10 seeds)


A pure Nev. Haze cannabis that only needs 8 weeks to flower? Impossible! most will answer. Sceptic testers have confirmed that the answer is YES, it is possible. And even more uniform than the original 16 weeks version.

We are proud to release the new cannabis batch from May 2011. For 12 years we have been working on bringing the flowering time back and making her less stretchy (brought back from 2m to 80cm - 1m indoors). While also selecting on stability, resin production and Nev. Haze characteristics of course. With its extreme trippiness, distinguished smell and taste.

The Nev. Haze is famed as the queen of all Hazes. Because of its unique combination of cannabioïds, which makes it not one of the strongest cannabis, but one of the most trippy and spiritual varieties. From a medical point of view anti-depressive, thus uplifting.
One that will more than satisfy every sativa lover.

Flowering time: 60 days
Height: 0,8 - 1m
Seed to harvest: 75 days
Yield: very good
Taste / Smell: Herbal hazy

Female Seeds Neville Haze (4 seeds)


Female Seeds White Grapefruit (10 seeds)


After years of selecting we found a stable white pheno of the Grapefruit. Besides the fact that it’s snow white of all the glands, it has an extreme aroma. A real must-have for the connoisseur smoker.

Flowering time: 60 days
Height: 0,80 - 1m
Seed to harvest: 80 days
Yield: Medium
Taste / Smell: Releases a pleasant aroma of pineapple, guava and grapefruit
Effect: Uplifting and energetic. Very inspiring and provides enough energy to act upon it.

Female Seeds White Grapefruit (4 seeds)


Female Seeds Sexbud (10 seeds)


This new enhanced strain of a fruity white sativa is great for losing inhibitions, maintaining a high energy level and getting creative with a willing partner! ?The effect works best when used in moderation and can bring the sexual experiences to new heights, men and women will both feel new levels of juiciness and sensuality. For those interested in exploring their connection to further heights we would recommend looking into Taoist Love Making teachings.?

Sex Bud flowers in 7 - 8 weeks; on top of that the buds are quite sugared; it matures in 4 weeks from seed, but we promise that is the only thing that will be done faster than expected! ??

Flowering time: 56 days
Height: 80 - 100 cm
Seed to Harvest: 75 day
?Yield: High
Taste / Smell: Extremely fruity pineapple/grapefruit aroma

Female Seeds Sexbud (4 seeds)




Female Seeds Outdoor Grapefruit (10seeds)


Outdoor Grapefruit
Flowering period  : 8 weeks
Yield  : Medium-Maximum
Harvest outdoors  : Hafl/end September (Holland)
variation : 3

Exclusive !
Here we have a small batch of an Grapefruit inbred with Easy Sativa. An 80% Grapefruit selected on early and fast flowering for several generations.
This is a semi autoflowering strain, which starts flowering begin-mid August and finishes end September.
This means that she starts flowering in low light conditions or from August.
Please note that a semi-autoflowering strain is not to be confused with an autoflowering strain. Those are fast maturing indica lines. This is a late maturing sativa line. The best sowing time is mid April to mid May.
We wouldn't recommend pre-growing her indoors, because she is semi-auto-flowering and this would cause her to start flowering in May outdoors. She needs the longer days and intensive midsummer sun to keep in growth. Expect extreme fruity/pine taste and smell, very sativa-ish.

Female Seeds Outdoor Grapefruit (4seeds)


Female Seeds Easy Sativa (10seeds)


Flowering periode : 8 weeks
Yield  : Medium - maximum
Harvest outdoors  : Half/End September (Holland)
Stability : 50%

Seedtype : Feminised

95% new style sativa, NOT recommended for indoor growing.

So easy outdoors !

Its all in the name, an easy new-style sativa variety for in the greenhouse and outdoors. Most of them flower under 18 hrs light and start flowering half July in Holland. There is some variation in bud shape and taste (between spicy and sweet), but all a clear sativa high.

Female Seeds Easy Sativa (4seeds)


Female Seeds Maroc (10 seeds)


Flowering periode: 8 weeks
Yield  : Medium
Harvest outdoors: Half September (Holland)
Stability : 80%

Seedtype: Feminised

90 % African sativa, NOT recommended for indoor growing.

Early outdoor resin producer !

This pure strain has its ancestors in the Ketama-region and was subject to an intense breeding-program, witch resulted in a very resinous outdoor-strain. Flowering starts mid-July in Holland. Buds smell like Ketama, are long and slender with an open structure. Unfortunately it needs the Marrocan climate and soil-type too, to get the pure Ketama taste. But no worries, it’s still worth the effort.

Picture provided by Dr. D

Female Seeds Maroc (4 seeds)


Female Seeds Purple Maroc (10seeds)

A cross of Purple Power with a big fat tasty Maroccan mother.
While the mother has been selected on weight and taste, she adds power and resin production to the Purple Power. Both strains are super early and the fastest varieties available for outdoor in cold/mountain climates. This with the great taste of the Maroc it's an absolute winner.
Some buds will be light purple overloaded with resin. A true eye-candy!
Best sowing time is end of April.
Height: 2m (when sown mid-May 1,5m)
Outdoors Flowering period : 7 weeks
Yield : fast!
Harvest outdoors : End Aug - September

Female Seeds Purple Maroc (4seeds)


Female Seeds Purple Power (10seeds)


Flowering periode : 7 weeks
Yield  : Fast, maximum
Harvest outdoors: Half- end September (Holland)
Stability: 40%
Seedtype: Feminised

NOT recommended for indoor growing.

For purple & lavender !

A very popular early and fast flowering variety for outdoor growing. Buds become purple to lavender-blue. Flowering starts mid-July to the beginning of August in Holland

Picture provided by Greensky

Female Seeds Purple Power (4seeds)


Female Seeds X - Line Purple Power (5 seeds)


A very popular early and fast flowering variety for outdoor growing. All our outdoor strains not only react to a shorter light cycle, but also react to less intensive light. This means that they can flower well in the shade and even under 24hr fluorescent lighting! In Holland they start flowering from mid July to the beginning of August.

This batch is an improvement of the previous batch. This Purple Power is just as fast, but produces purple leaves, instead of purple flowers.
She is more resinous with a stronger head high.  This is a selection out of the previous Purple Power.
Limited batch only available in packs of 5 seeds.

Flowering time: 50 days
Height: 1,5 - 2m
Harvest time: Half till end September in the Netherlands
Yield: good
Taste / Smell: herbal taste and odour

Female Seeds Red Purps (4 seeds)


Perfect substitute for the Purple Power cannabis seeds, taste wise. Red Purps performs almost the same as the Purple Power in growth, although experience shows that the taste and smoke properties are far superior. Like the Purple Power, the bud colour is red to purple, she is very early flowering (first flowers appear at the beginning of July) and will finish beginning to half september.
Growth is a bit more indica-ish, however the smoke is sativa-ish. Candy licourice with the Purple undertone.

Flowering time: 50 days
Height: 1,5 - 2m
Harvest time: Half till end September in the Netherlands
Yield: good
Taste / Smell: Candy licourice taste and odour

Female Seeds X - Line Outdoor C99 (5 seeds)


Another cannabis version of the holy grail of the 1990's, which surprised the whole seedbusiness. An innovative cannabis strain with a whole new sweet taste and smell. Now we come with a special outdoor cannabis version, which produces more flowers than leaves in a temperate climate. (where the olives/grapes grow).

Optimum outdoor sowing time is from the end of March - beginning of May. They will be finished end September.

Flowering time: 55 days
Height: 2 - 2,5 m
Harvest time: End September in the Netherlands
Yield: very good
Taste / Smell: Pineapple smell and fresh mint aroma