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The concept of a 3 parts nutrient, and Flora-series, were created for General Hydroponics by Dr. Cal Herrmann, formerly senior chemist at NASA, in collaboration with scientists from the University of Davis in California. Dr. Herrmann is, today, a partner at GHE and still conducts research.
Flora is a dynamic, evolving formula, constantly updated, and adapted to the latest scientific discoveries. Simply, it allows you to match the needs of your plant through its different stages by changing the ratios between the liquids, as well as their concentration.
Flora-series consists in 3 components:
FloraGro: promotes a lush structural and foliar growth.
FloraBloom: During growth it increases root formation and health. During flowering and fruiting it enables the plant to fulfil its genetic potential to the maximum.
Of special importance for water culture growers, FloraGro and FloraBloom both contain silicate (in form of silicic acid) to complete the diet and strengthen the structure of your plants
FloraMicro: provides the plant with all the necessary micro-elements, in a chelated form. It includes also sub micro-elements, and organic buffers which help to stabilise the solution’s pH. FloraMicro complements FloraGro and FloraBloom in secondary and major nutrients.
Between those three products there exists a synergy which creates the magic of the system.

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General Hydroponics Flora Gro 1 liter

Gewicht: kg
Promotes a lush structural and foliar growth

General Hydroponics Flora Bloom 1 liter

Gewicht: kg
 During growth it increases root formation and health. During flowering and fruiting it enables the plant to fulfil its genetic potential to the maximum.

General Hydroponics Flora Micro 1 liter (Soft Water)

Gewicht: kg
Provides the plant with all the necessary micro-elements, in a chelated form. It includes also sub micro-elements, and organic buffers which help to stabilise the solution’s pH. FloraMicro complements FloraGro and FloraBloom in secondary and major nutrients.

General Hydroponics Flora Micro 1 liter (Hard Water)

Gewicht: kg

General Hydroponics Floranova Grow 1 liter

Gewicht: kg

Liquid Super Concentrated Nutrient

• The marriage of hydroponic & organic gardening methods.
• Extremely easy to use.
• Outstanding for all plant types.
• Superb for Hydroponic, Soil-less, and Soil Cultivation.
• Super Concentrated and pH Stabilized.
• Optimum nutrient absorption is aided by Natural Humic Extracts.

FloraNova represents a breakthrough in fertilizer technology, as it gives users both the strength of a dry concentrate and the ease of a liquid. This unique formulation of highly purified minerals and natural additives combines the benefits of hydroponic as well as organic gardening methods. FloraNova, one part formulation, combines all the elements required for hydroponic cultivation, plus it is extremely concentrated. A very small amount of FloraNova mixed with fresh water will provide your plants with proper nutrition. FloraNova works superbly in hydroponic environments, as well as with both soil-less mixtures and soil grown plants.

Remember that due to its high concentration, FloraNova must be shaken vigorously before each use!

General Hydroponics Floranova Grow 4 liter

Gewicht: kg

General Hydroponics Floranova Bloom 1 liter

Gewicht: kg
Use this specialized nutrient for flowering plants during the blooming and fruiting stages.

General Hydroponics Biosevia Bloom 1 liter

Gewicht: kg

BioSevia is an organic – and complete – plant food. It has been studied and tested exhaustively to obtain a nutrient containing everything a plant needs to perfectly grow.

BioSevia gives perfect results in soil, of course, but it has the exceptionality to work beautifully in hydroponics too, be it with bare roots, or on substrates. Indeed, not any nutrient is adapted to this type of growing. Generally, organic nutrients are formulated in order to slowly decompose in soil so, when in water, some of their elements will rot and release some quite unpleasant smells. Finally, they would clog the filters and injectors.

To be bioponic, a nutrient must be liquid or perfectly soluble. It must be rapidly degradable and readily available to the plant. BioSevia fits to all these conditions.

General Hydroponics Biosevia Grow 1 liter

Gewicht: kg

General Hydroponics Florakleen 1 liter

Gewicht: kg

General Hydroponics Flora Kleen is a salt clearing solution that is unique in our industry. FloraKleen is formulated to remove fertilizer residues that can accumulate over time in hydroponic systems, growing media, and potting soils. It is safe for use in all systems and media while plants are growing. It can also be used between crops to clean the systems from accumulated salts. Unlike other products on the market, it is not enzyme based and uses a completely different technology.

FloraKleen can be used at any time throughout the plant life.

During cultivation, FloraKleen:

    Dissolves accumulated mineral salts.
    Reduces plant stress from excess and imbalanced nutrients.
    Breaks nutrient bonds that attach fertilizer salts to growing media, also correcting nutrient lock-out.
    Nourishes the microbial life in the substrate.

Use FloraKleen each time you purge your hydroponic system or potted plants from excess salts that can accumulate as a result of regular fertilizer application.

FloraKleen is also an excellent final flush:

    Use FloraKleen as a final flush a few days before harvest to terminate maturation and promote sugaring.
    Also use FloraKleen during the last one to two days before harvest.

Its high concentration and low price make FloraKleen the economical choice to protect g your plants in both hydroponics and soil based environment.

In Hydroponic systems:

    Between nutrient solution changes: Mix 1,5 to 3 mL per liter of water. Use milder solution for young or fragile plants, stronger solution for older and stronger plants close to harvest. Circulate 48 hours with FloraKleen alone before adding nutrients.
    Final flush before harvest:
        Alone: Drain old nutrient solution and discard. Refill hydroponic reservoir with fresh water and mix 3 mL of FloraKleen per liter water. Run this solution during last day or two before harvest.
        After Ripen*:
        Add 3 mL of FloraKleen per liter water during the last 2 days before harvest to increase the sugar level in your crop.

In potting soil & soilless mixes:

    Alone: Every fifteen days fill a watering can with fresh water and add 1,5 to 3 mL /L ForaKleen. Drench until there is runoff from the bottom of the pot. Resume your regular fertilizer schedule with the next watering.
    After Ripen*:
    Add 3 mL of FloraKleen per liter water during the last 2 days before harvest to increase the sugar level in your crop.

* NB. FloraKleen and Ripen are not antagonistic, but work together in perfect synergy.

General Hydroponics Ripen 1 Liter

Gewicht: kg

Ripen is een veelomvattende meststof, die wordt gebruikt aan het einde van de bloeiperiode. Het is speciaal ontwikkeld om het rijpingsproces te bespoedigen, terwijl het gelijkertijd de hoeveelheid actieve bestanddelen vermeerderd bij medicinale, aromatische en culinaire planten. Deze formule wordt in de tuinbouw als een krachtige oplossing genoemd.
Ripen is een door onze onderzoekers een met de grootste zorg samengesteld mengsel van minerale zouten en buffers, wat in dit stadium van de groei is, is nauwkeurigheid van het grootste belang. Het gewas, dat inmiddels aan het eind van zijn leven is, is vaak verzwakt en zijn vermogen tot assimilatie in deze fase sterk verminderd is.

Ripen werkt op verschillende niveaus
• Het geeft de plant een duidelijk teken, dat zij aan het eind van haar leven is.
• Hierdoor reageert de plant in een laatste poging zich te vermeerderen met een versnelde bloei - en vrucht afzetting.
• Het dwingt de plant haar weerstand te verhogen, met als gevolg een vermeerdering van de hoeveelheid actieve bestanddelen.
• Het geeft de plant alle mineralen, die zij nodig hebben in deze voortplantingsfase.
• In het geval van ophoping van nitraten of micro – elementen, helpt het deze overschotten te metaboliseren, hetgeen de smaak van de oogst ten goede komt.

Deze meststof heeft vele eigenschappen
• Buiten geeft Ripen de mogelijkheid de oogst snel af te ronden voordat het bedorven wordt door vochtige of koude weersomstandigheden.
• In de kas helpt het u het eind van de cyclus te stroomlijnen door de traagste planten een extra zetje te geven.
• In geval van ernstige schimmels of insecten geeft het u de mogelijkheid de natuurlijke voortgang te bespoedigen om nog te kunnen oogsten wat er nog te oogsten valt.
• Het vermeerderd het gehalte aan actieve bestanddelen van medicinale, aromatische en culinaire gewassen.

GHE Ripe Info

General Hydroponics Diamond Nectar 1 liter

Gewicht: kg

Despite the low level of nutrients found in natural soil-based environments, plant growth nevertheless occurs because the smallest humic acids channel available nutrients directly into nearby vegetation. By accelerating nutrient absorption at the root boundary zone where minerals enter the plant, small particle sized humic and fulvic acids optimize nutrient uptake in fast growing vegetation.
Diamond Nectar is a mix of these acids with mostly fulvic but quite a bit of humic too, which gives it this slightly brownish colour.

Diamond Nectar is an exclusive Fulvic Acid extract from a combination of unique Leonardite sources providing the highest availability and
diversity of these bio-active plant compounds.

Millions of years ago prehistoric plants and animals were consumed in the ecological cycle of life. Buried thousands of feet deep and converted to carbon, some of these deposits produced “Diamond”.Others were pushed to the surface during the ice ages and became what is known as “Leonardite”

Beneath some ancient lands in New Mexico, an extraordinary Leonardite deposit was formed. It contains the riches of natural organic matter composted for millennia and freely available to growing plants. This deposit is carefully mined and natural compounds called “Humates” are extracted.

Soluble Humates (the humic and fulvic acids family) contain a myriad of natural plant growth promoting compounds plus nutrient enhancing ingredients.

Fulvic acid enhances plant growth and yield:

    It improves uptake and utilisation of nutrients and minerals by growing plants.
    It transports nutrients to all plant parts: roots, stems, foliage, flowers and fruit.
    It affords growers the benefits of natural organic mater in a liquid form.
    In hydroponics and soilless cultivation, it helps create an environment closer to soil conditions.

Diamond Nectar is not a fertiliser. It is an additive to be used in combination with comprehensive nutrients like Flora-series and One Part. Combined with a conventional nutrition program, it leads to earlier harvests, healthier disease resistant plants and enhanced qualities of flavour, fragrance, essential oils, plus significantly higher yields.