Complete Automatic Watering System

: 8.50   kg

A complete automatic watering system for a 20 plant garden.

-Submersive pump 
-Circulation pump 
-Yellow Hose
-Pe Filter Complete
-5x Spin x 4 drippers
-reservoir heater
-Digital Timer
-Perforating Tool

1.Place the submersive pump in your reservoir
2.Attach the yellow hose unto your submersive pump
3.Insert the Pe-hose unto the yellow hose tightly, the black pe-hose will run from your reservoir through the entire garden supplying water for your plants.
4. Make a hole in the pe-hose at the place where u want your dripper set to be with the perforating tool. The dripper is the piece where the water flows out.
5. Attach a waterstop at the end of your pe-hose so the water can't run out.
6. Cut your pe-hose in two in the beginning near the reservoir and place the pe-filter between it. By letting the water run through the pe-filter, u keep your lines clean and prevent dirt from clogging them up.
7. Place the circulationpump in the reservoir to keep the nutrients well-mixed.
8. Set your timer and your ready to go.