* Pots and Mediums

We do not sell some of these products online. Because the cost of shipping is way to high compared to the actual cost of the product. But we want to show our local customers what we have in our stock and our prices.


B'cuzz Grow Mix

B'cuzz Coco Slabs

Rockwool Slabs

Weight: kg

Perlite 70 liter

Weight: kg

Canna Terra Seed Mix 25 liter

CANNA Terra Seed Mix is a potting mix that is perfectly suited for germinating the seeds of your favourite plants. It works great in combination with CANNA Start.
Advantages of CANNA Terra Seed Mix

The homogeneous, stable structure of Terra Seed Mix is great for retaining water, which gives the seeds the best chance of germinating correctly
CANNA Terra Seed Mix is also particularly suitable for use when rooting cuttings

Plagron Batmix 50 liter


Plagron Mega Worm 25 l


Weight: kg

B'cuzz Cocos Sacks

Weight: kg

Mapito RFX-1 80 liter


Weight: kg

Clay Pebbles 50 liter

Clay pebbles offer excellent drainage and can be used in flood and drain systems or mixed with other slower draining mediums.
Weight: kg

Biobizz All-mix 20 liter

Weight: kg

Biobizz All-Mix 50 liter

Pond Foil 4 x 1 m

Gold Label Special Mix Soil

Hortiline Hortipot 4 liter (15 x 15 x 20 cm)

-create a fibrous, non circling root system
-fabric allows roots to breath
-most efficient with hydroponic systems

Weight: kg

Hortiline Hortipot 7 liter (18 x 18 x 23 cm)

Weight: kg

Hortiline Hortipot 11 liter (23 x 23 x 25 cm)

Weight: kg

Bio Nova Coco Bricks

Weight: kg

Plagron Lightmix 50 liter

A week before fertilized for a quick start
Fully fertilize discretion
Fast rooting by low EC value

Plagron Lightmix is a substrate for direct use in planting and repotting of flowering plants. Begin fertilizing after the first week.

Plagron Growmix 50 liter

Water Reservoir 50 liter

Water Reservoir 100 liter

Pot Square Pietpot ( 7x7x8cm)

Pot Square 0.5 liter (9x9x10cm)

Pot Square 1 liter (13x13x13cm)

Pot Square 6.5 liter (18x18x23cm)

Weight: kg

Pot Square 11 liter (25x25x26cm)

Weight: kg

Pot Square 14 liter (28.5x25x28cm)

Weight: kg

Pot Square 18 liter (30.5x30.5x30.5cm)

Weight: kg

Pot Square 30 liter (36.5x32.5x36cm)

Weight: kg

Pot Round 7 liter

Pot Round 20 liter (38x26cm)

Pot Round 25 liter (35x28cm)

Pot Round 30 liter (40-37x33cm)

Pot Round 50 liter (50x41cm)