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My name is Jaime and I am the founder and breeder of Resin Seeds. Resin seeds is a Spanish cannabis seedbank, founded in 2008.

I have been active in the grow scene of Spain since 1998, when I opened one of the first grow shops of Spain in Barcelona. Since then I have been involved in the Spanish grow scene, participating in various grow shop projects and as speaker at grow seminars.

I have always been eager to learn more and expand my knowledge about my beloved plant. There are many well known breeders of the Cannabis world that are my friends and have greatly helped me to develop my strains with all kind of contributions.

In particular I'd like to thank Soma of Soma Seeds, Alex and Willow, Adam of THC seeds and Shantibaba of Mr Nice Seedbank. I would also like to thank my friend Juanma for his continous support.

One of the main reasons that has pushed me to start up my own seedbank was the contact with medicinal cannabis users, contacts I had established especially via the growshops I have been managing. Patients told me the different effects they felt when using different strains and provided me with their valuable feedback. I am truly interested to get in touch with people that use Cannabis as a medicine - please send me your comments about our strains!

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Resin Seeds Female L.A. Ultra (3 seeds)

Nearly pure indica. One of the most powerful cannabis strains available. Is it MK Ultra? L.A. Con? or a mutant hybrid? it's for you to find out...
Genetics:  Top Secret
Indica/Sativa:  80/20
THC:  19-23%
Flowering:  Interior 7-8 weeks / Exterior September
Yield:  Interior 350gr per m2 / Exterior 100-250 gr per plant

Resin Seeds Female Cannatonic CBD Queen (3 seeds)

The best of both worlds, a phenotype selected from the hybrid cross between a female MK Ultra (F1) & the all time famous G13 Haze male. Grows like an Indica, smells like a Sativa, and renders you... Cannatonic.
Genetics:  MK Ultra x G13 Haze
Indica/Sativa:  50/50
THC:  1:1 ratio THC:CBD
Flowering:  Interior 9-10 weeks / Exterior October
Yield:  Interior 500gr per m2 / Exterior 250-400 gr per plant

Resin Seeds Female Critical Haze (3 seeds)


Amnesia Haze F1 female crossed with a vigorous Critical Mass male with the slected phenotype resulting in compact buds full of resin, great yielder, spicy Amnesia Haze falvour with a sour fruit backtaste. Potent, long lasting high.

Genetics:  Amnesia Haze x Critical Mass
Indica/Sativa:  40/60
THC:  18-22%
Flowering:  Interior 10-11 weeks / Exterior Oct-Nov
Yield:  Interior 500gr per m2 / Exterior 250-400 gr per plant

Resin Seeds Female Yummy (3 seeds)

A very special Yumbolt selected in 2003, has been crossed with the G13 Haze male, as a result the phenotype we selected has all the sweetness & relaxing effects of the yumbolt with an added spice & creeper high from the G13 Haze.
Genetics:  Yumbolt x G13 Haze
Indica/Sativa:  40/60
THC:  19-23%
Flowering:  Interior 9-10 weeks / Exterior Sept-Oct
Yield:  Interior 400gr per m2 / Exterior 150-300 gr per plant

Resin Seeds Female Hammer Shark (5 seeds)


Hammer Shark is a potent feminized indica dominated lady with a punch you will enjoy.

With genetics like Dieseltonic x Shark Shock you have to get an excellent result and there is also a slight possibility of CBD due to the Dieseltonic. About 1 in 5 seeds has a chance of high CBD. Hammer Shark thrives both indoors and outdoors and can be planted in most areas due to the short flowering time. She grows big dense buds covered with resin, even on the smaller buds and leaf. The effect is hard hitting and mind relaxing, perfect for disconnecting after a long day. Typically from an afghan dominated plant, the taste and smell is very aromatic tending to sweet and fruity.

Genetics  Shark Shock x Dieseltonic
Variety  Mostly Indica
Sex  Feminised
Yield  Indoor: 500 g/m2
Grows  Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Flowering Time  8 weeks flowering

Resin Seeds Female Sour P (3 seeds)

Straight from NYC, this clone only strain is the most sought after strain on the East Coast of the United States. Exotic and powerful taste with a psychedelic high that will flatten you out.

Genetics:  Sour Diesel x HP-13
Indica/Sativa:  45/55
THC:  20-22%
Flowering:  Interior 10-11 weeks / Exterior October
Yield:  Interior 400gr per m2 / Exterior 300-500 gr per plant

Resin Seeds Female Bubblicious (3 seeds)

Original Bubblegum Female crossed with an F1 Lavender male. The phenotype selected has the classic bubblegum yield, structure and smell with the taste and high of the Lavender.
Genetics:  Bubblegum x Lavender
Indica/Sativa:  70/30
THC:  16-20%
Flowering:  Interior 8-9 weeks / Exterior September
Yield:  Interior 500gr per m2 / Exterior 250-400 gr per plant

Resin Seeds Female Dieseltonic (3 seeds)


Dieseltonic has the same CBD/THC ratio possibilities as Cannatonic, the CBD-Queen. She is another great addition to your healing plants collection. Resin Seeds crossed Somas N.Y.C. Diesel with a reverted Cannatonic. Due to the different chemotype, the effects could have a wide range depending on the selected pheno. Ca. 50% of the plants will carry 1:1 THC/CBD which is great for medical use. She is a quite an easy plant and also very resistant against fungus and powdery mildew. With Dieseltonic you will get nice looking buds with a hint of both the distinct smell of New York Diesel and the aromatic Cannatonic, a perfect combination. She has a sweet citrus mandarin flavour and will keep you smiling for a long time. The effect of Dieseltonic is often energetic and uplifting, great for days with activities.

Genetics  Cannatonic x NYD
Variety  Indica / Sativa
Sex  Feminised
Yield  Indoor: 400 - 500 g/m2
Flowering Time  8 - 9 weeks flowering
Medicinal Properties  Great for medical use