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These days, purely organic plant cultivation is no longer an option but a must. Both consumers and the government demand that the agriculture and horticulture sectors adopt an approach that is as natural as possible.
Respect for people and the environment also bear the most fruit: after all, plants and crops simply want to get back to nature.

Throughout its long history, Plagron has specialised in the development of products for optimum natural growth and blooming.
There is now a wide range of environmentally-friendly addictives that provide the best available in the world for your nature. These additives are available to the plant enthusiasts, hobby gardeners and also highly professional cultivators.

It is precisely thanks to a balanced composition of the most naturally pure ingredients that all products bearing the Plagron label have an optimally nutritious, protective and preventative effect.

For virtually all plants, trees, shrubs, cuttings and flowers, Plagron has the products that provide for the most fertile possible environment, a process that starts with you.

We offer the best of nature for each and every culture. If you choose nature, nature chooses you.

That is Plagron's guarantee.

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Plagron Algabloom 1 liter

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Needless to say, you want to see all the love and care that you have invested rewarded by the plant's thankful blooming or fruit production, the peak of nature.

Because plants create different hormones during the blooming phase and want to do their best for you, they need an adapted diet to enable them to do so.
Plagron has developed the Alga-Bloei especially for the flowering phase.

Alga-Bloei is an organic mineral liquid nutrient. It contains a precisely balanced ratio of phosphates and potash that the plant can directly absorb so that the flowering is optimised on a completely natural basis. The phosphor in the Plagron Alga-Bloei promotes improved root development and a strong, rich bloom. Potash promotes the transportation of the nutrients throughout the whole plant and increases its general resistance.

Alga-Bloei gives your plants that important boost needed to initiate the final growth spurt. Plagron Alga-Bloei, a question of give and take.

Plagron Alga-bloei contains: 13% phosphor, 14% potash, 1.5% nitrogen, trace elements, vitamins, enzymes, growth hormones, ferments and more than 20 types of amino acids.

Usage: Dilute 4 ml with 1 litre of water.
Water the plants with this dilution once a week.

Plagron Algabloom 5 liter

Weight: kg

Plagron Algagrowth 1 liter

Weight: kg

Both amateur and professional growers want to see a result as soon as possible. To spur plants on to unprecedented feats, nature needs to be given a helping hand – in a natural way of course.

Plagron has therefore developed the Alga-Groei especially for the growth phase. Alga-Groei contains a precisely balanced ratio of nitrogen, phosphates and potash that the plants can directly absorb and which optimise growth on a purely natural basis.

The nitrogen in Plagron Alga-Groei promotes even, optimum growth. The phosphor promotes improved root development and an initial onset for a strong, rich flowering process. Potash promotes the transportation of the nutrients through the entire plant and enhances general resistance.

With the extremely nutrition-rich Plagron Alga-Groei, you tackle the desired development literally by the roots. A multiplicity of growth-stimulating additives enable the treated plants to develop optimally within an accelerated time frame.

Plagron Alga-Groei is an organic, liquid N-P-P nutrient, which the plant can directly absorb.

Plagron Alga-Grow contains an abundance of nitrogen (4%), phosphor (6%), potash (8%), amino acids, trace elements and minerals that not only promote exuberant growth and root development, but also simultaneously provide extra residence and stimulate the natural formation of chlorophyll.
Usage: Dilute 4 ml with 1 litre of water. Water the plants with this dilution once a week.
Alga-Groei: for a visible result.

Plagron Algagrowth 5 liter

Weight: kg

Plagron Top Grow Box Bio

Weight: kg
Plagron Top Grow Box Bio
The Bio Concept

100 ml Alga-Grow
1 Liter Alga-Bloom
100 ml Green Sensation
100 ml Plagron Roots
100 ml Phytamin

Use the 100% BIO- or Terra-concepts on one square metre!

The Top Grow Box lets you cultivate on a small scale with one of the two proven Plagron concepts.

You can be sure of good results with the Top Grow Box. You can choose between the

100% BIO-concept and the Terra-concept. The contents of a Top Grow Box are sufficient for
1 m²
and are suitable for all types of substrates.