Plagron: organic soils and fertilizers

These days, purely organic plant cultivation is no longer an option but a must. Both consumers and the government demand that the agriculture and horticulture sectors adopt an approach that is as natural as possible.

Respect for people and the environment also bear the most fruit: after all, plants and crops simply want to get back to nature.

Throughout its long history, Plagron has specialised in the development of products for optimum natural growth and blooming.


Plagron Seedbooster Plus 10 ml


Powerful and safe germination accelerator

Seed Booster Plus accelerates the germination cycle by an impressive 40% through the application of innovative enzyme technology. Even older seeds germinate quickly and easily. The special nutrients in Seed Booster Plus ensure safe germination and healthy root development.

    Accelarates the germination process considerably.
    Gives Older seeds their gemination power back.
    Provides seeds with all essential nutrients.
    Protects against harmful moulds and bacteria during the germination process.
    Can be used on all substrates.
    Suitable for all types of watering systems.

Usage and dose
7 drops/litre.

Use Seed Booster Plus for every watering until the first leaf formation.

Protease enzymes, cellulase enzymes, sorbus aucuparia extract.

10 ml in dropper bottle, one bottle contains aprox. 350 drops.