Homegrown Fantaseeds

Homegrown Fantaseeds is a sister company to the very successful Amsterdam Coffeeshop, Homegrown Fantasy. The success of the coffeeshop , which only sold organically grown marijuana, was to be soon followed by the seedbank . The Fantaseeds seed company had their big break in 1997, winning the Cannabis Cup for best seedbank. Low prices and high quality genetics make this collection one of the most popular in recent years.


Homegrown Fantaseeds Caramella

This variety is a stable homogeneous, with big fat tops, long cola's with a lovely fresh caramel smell. This variety has been bred for the last 15 years with lots of success. This Indica/Sativa hybrid is crossed back and selected on taste and a high calyx/leaf ratio. Good yield, uplifting high, easy to grow and a lot of crystals, a beautiful plant.

Flowering Time : 56-63 days
Environment : Indoor/Outdoor

Homegrown Fantaseeds Mango

Mango is a 100% Indica crossbreed with a H#1 KC 33 and our Afghani. Real favorite amongst growers and smokers, beautiful plant to see and a smooth taste. Your fully aware that you have a real potent plant in your garden. Try this outside for something that will really impress your friends. One of the best tasting Outdoor strains.

Flowering Time : 56 days
Environment : Indoor/Outdoor

Homegrown Fantaseeds Blue Pearl

New for 2004. This is a cross of Homegrown Fantaseeds' prize-winning Blue Haze with a Silver Pearl mother.

This mostly Sativa strain has a soft taste and a strong ‘high’ effect. The yield from Blue Pearl is very good and we expect it to be as successful as its parents.

Flowering time 53-63 days
Environment: Indoor

Homegrown Fantaseeds Fantasy

This variety retains the sugar coating of all the white strains, but has even larger trichomes bulging out from stems and buds. This was achieved by crossing an outstanding Afghan (12 years in development) and a white widow. This has improved the plants hardiness and flavour, and made the buds denser still.

If you appreciate the hard-hitting stone of the "white"strains, but are tired of the sour old taste it sometimes gives- well, this is the one for you.

Flowering Time:
8-9 weeks

Picture provided by Wizard Of Oz

Homegrown Fantaseeds K2 ( 5 seeds)

The most beautiful outdoor variety we Another strain from the Hindukush family, this time crossed with a White Widow to increase her THC levels while retaining the Hindukush growth patterns. K2 does not stretch too much during flowering making her popular amongst growers who do not want their plants to grow too high. When growing her in a greenhouse you will end up with a beautiful plant and a very nice yield. You can expect a very soft, sweet taste and a nice mellow stoned effect.

Homegrown Fantaseeds Top 44

Skunk #1 crossed with a classic Dutch strain called “Viking”, which reduced her flowering period drastically with a couple of weeks, allowing you to harvest between the 6th and 7th week of flowering. This strain is especially created for growers who do not have much time available, and can be grown both indoor and outdoor in most European countries.